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OF as in Offenbach

The way people perceive Offenbach may vary from total hate, like: ‘We should burn down the city and everyone living in it!’ to less hate, like: ‘Hm, at least I don’t have to live there.’ :))

Seriously now, Offenbach is really not that bad. I find OF to be pretty cool. And I know it close and personally, not just from newspapers and discussions with people who never set their foot there (but somehow seem to be super informed about how dangerous and horrible the place is).

Offenbach is definitely a colourful place. In no other city in Germany will you find so many people with so different cultural backgrounds living together. It is a bit like Frankfurt, just smaller and more diverse.

Point is: Visit before you judge! 😉

P.S. Photos coming SOON!



6 comments on “OF as in Offenbach

  1. Yea I don not understand people hating Offenbach at all. Its really infantile

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  3. a.m.g
    June 17, 2015



  4. C.M.
    June 3, 2015



  5. gRaF RoTz
    June 3, 2015

    looks great. and now i get it with the OF 🙂

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