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It’s been raining since 11 a.m. in Frankfurt… and it doesn’t show any signs that it will stop any time soon.

It might be a stereotype, but this looks like typical London weather 🙂

And speaking of which, the first song that came to mind when thinking about rain and London was:

Hmm..on second thoughts, this song is also relevant:

Which one do you prefer? 😀

Hope you are having a warmer and sunnier time!


2 comments on “Rain!

  1. Teo
    June 22, 2015

    I have to say that I am partial to Englishman in NY, you work it out why :p

    But a favourite song that comws to mind when it’s raining is Have you seen the rain? And we have seen it in the morning, but now the sun is out again 🙂

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    • C.M.
      June 22, 2015

      Yes! Also a very cool song! 🙂


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