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‘The day is my enemy’…but only until 5pm :))

Is there anyone there who didn’t hear about The Prodigy?

I am not sure how things look in Asia, Nord America, South America, Africa, Australia… but in Europe they where and still are pretty big! Even if you are not a fan of this music genre, you must have heard about The Prodigy…. you must have listened to (even if by mistake at some party or in some club): ‘No good’, ‘Smack my bitch up’… ‘Invaders must die’. Right?

I was mega surprised when my colleague told me that he doesn’t know who The Prodigy are. I quickly searched on YouTube some of the most popular songs and played them, hoping that he will eventually say: ‘Oh wait! I know this one!’ But he didn’t…

Today’s song of the day is a dedication for all Prodigy fans, as well as an invitation for those who never heard about them, to start listening 😀

And from the category: Oldies but goldies->

Which one is you all time favourite from The Prodigy?


4 comments on “‘The day is my enemy’…but only until 5pm :))

  1. gRaF RoTz
    June 23, 2015

    Kinda. I prefer breathe a little more


    • C.M.
      June 23, 2015

      Oh yeah! Also an ‘oldie’ 😉 It’s hard to chose a favourite, isn’t it?


  2. gRaF RoTz
    June 23, 2015

    No good its a classic one


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