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No limit

Posting a song every day is not that easy as it may seem. Not for me at least :))

Having said that I will do this, I try to keep my word. I don’t see this as an obligation or chore,  but an imagination exercise. I have to search through my brain ‘drawers’ and this is the complicated part… I have some many and so diverse, it makes it difficult to choose.

Do you remember those 90’s songs that are so lame that you’re almost ashamed to admit hearing to? Come on, don’t be shy… you know what I mean :)) You won’t be caught dead having them on your MP3 or car CD, but each time one of them starts playing, you just want to jump off your seat and start dancing 😀

Those songs are so lame… that they become cool… (does this make any sense? 😛 ) For example:


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