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Title not important

The things I write here are not necessarily something you didn’t hear before, still I want to stress them once more.

Recent happenings and conversations I had made me realise (or confirmed):

– We are all just small, easy to replace, parts of the system (macro and micro likewise). You are probably happy/ satisfied with your job and somehow think that what you do makes a difference (for the company) and that your boss will cry his heart out if you leave. Wrong! No one gives a shit! Except some 1% of the people working in a company (who actually matter), the rest is just ballast. The sooner you get this, the better for your health! This is the moment when you realize that stressing for the job is a total and stupid waste of energy. So: stop delaying that doctor appointment (because you must finish some report/ presentation or you have a big meeting coming up), stop postponing that meeting with your childhood friend, or the answer to that email, calling your father or mother, walking your dog or playing with your child! These are things that matter, not your role in the company.

– Complaining about stuff is senseless. Nothing ever changed from complaining. You just waste your time (and the time of others).

– Agreeing with all motivational and inspirational posts, videos, photos, etc is also senseless. Until you actually put yourself together and act/ change something in your life, it is all just cheap talk (and again a waste of time).

– The reason every company establishes on the market is to make money. Full stop.

– Having a hippie life, trying to escape the system, living by your own rules is awesome. However going to sleep on an empty stomach, not having money for medication or sleeping out in the open at -20 degrees, sucks big time! (this is one of the reasons why we chose to be happy employees…see point 1). Also, working is not that bad, as long as you don’t consider yourself master of the universe just because you own a Porsche, or consider yourself superior because you do a “clean” office job, and not work in a factory (e.g.).

– We all should have the same rights and OBLIGATIONS.

– Setting an example is much more efficient than preaching about stuff. But also much harder.

– Having a university degree doesn’t make you any better than other persons! You will get the same treatment from me even if you are: Doctor Honoris Causa or chambermaid.


4 comments on “Title not important

    • C.M.
      June 29, 2015

      Yes, well said 🙂 I still wanna save the planet though :)))


  1. simonturkas
    June 28, 2015

    Excellent post and I agree with pretty much everything you say except one thing. I think deep down many people are not truly happy or satisfied in their jobs but are almost forced to do what they do. They feel totally unfulfilled because they may have a degree or even Masters yet work for minimum wage, while they know their bosses are earning hundreds or even thousands of times more. It is this inequality within almost every company that prevents true job satisfaction.

    Liked by 1 person

    • C.M.
      June 29, 2015

      Yes, this is also true. I know lots of people dealing with these kind of feelings (used to be one of them… still am in some aspects). What I was trying to say is that people should generally try to give more priority to other, more important, things in life. Especially if they are not happy with their job, they should somehow not stress that much over it and make a priority in finding another job/activity that would make them feel happy/satisfied.

      Liked by 1 person

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