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Don’t lose hope

Where I come from, we have a saying that goes something like this: Hope dies last! (I’m sure you can find it also in other cultures and languages)

It is arguable, if this should make you feel better or not.

On one hand the message would be: Never give up! Keep trying/ doing/ the faith. Hope makes you go further, because you think there are chances that what you want/ wish for can at some point turn into reality. On the other hand… if hope dies last, it means you actually tried everything you could, but nothing worked, so all you are left with is hope. Physically there is nothing more you can do, but you still hope.

Either way I consider hope to be a good feeling and would recommend not to lose it.

Todays song is ‘Invisible sun’ from The Police. Because it ‘gives us hope when the whole day’s done’ 🙂


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