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Happy B-day!

Today is a very special day. Both my mum and my aunt (her sister) celebrate their birthdays! Nope, they are not twins. Actually born 2 years apart :)) Talking about perfect timing!

I realize more often how mean and stupid I was sometimes as a child and told or did stuff to hurt my mum. I regret it all of course. However regrets are useless. Instead I am having a totally different approach now. Could be that I realised how much I really love and appreciate her, could be that I just grown up.

My mum is not a frenetic music fan. Every now and again she enjoys listening to some songs, but you will never see her walking around with headphones :p

Dear mum, here is my dedication for you (yes, she is a Sandra fan…and to be honest I also enjoy this music):

Now… let’s not forget about my aunt. A very special and dear person for me, who always helped me and took me on vacations with her 🙂

I know she loves this song:

Wish you both all the best! Happy birthday!!! :*


2 comments on “Happy B-day!

  1. gRaF RoTz
    July 16, 2015

    Yeah. Cool. Say also happy birthday from me.
    very nice words written.

    Liked by 1 person

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