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True to yourself

How often do we really say what we mean and feel?

Really! Think about this! Do you tell your parents how much you love them? Do you tell you husband/ wife/ friend?

Do you tell your boss that sometimes his ideas are plain stupid! Or just go along and do what he says?

We build bubbles inside. Bubbles of frustration, of fear, of longing. The problem with bubbles is that they burst at some point.

A very good and old friend of mine pointed this out when we last met. Ok, don’t get me wrong, saying that something is shit (to the boss) has always been a strength of mine (probably got me fired as well 😛 ), but to say ‘I love you’… Houston, we have a problem!… she caught me red handed!

I dedicate this post to saying what you feel: good or not so good (of course without being rude, without having the intention to hurt! That’s totally not the point here!). It’s dedicated to being honest and loving each other.


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