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Friday on my mind

Did you ever have the feeling that it’s Friday? I mean: let’s say it’s Monday, but you live with the impression that it’s actually Friday… or it’s Tuesday, and you think it’s Friday… or it’s Wednesday, and you consider it to be Friday… oh well, you get the point :p

I guess Friday is some sort of super day. Most of us normally work, but the thought you’ll be free as a bird the next days somehow gives you a ton of motivation and energy. You go to work, manage to do the grocery shopping, do the laundry while you plan your weekend, and get to chill for a few hours before going to bed/ or going to a party. Friday is magical, I tell you!

And yes, I thought today is Friday!

Here is something to get you in the mood for weekend, partying or whatever you’d like 😉

PS: This song is also a request. Btw, if you would like me to post something special, feel free to ask!


3 comments on “Friday on my mind

  1. peter paul sein nachbar
    July 31, 2015

    nice one

    “Monday morning feels so bad
    Everybody seems to nag me
    Come on Tuesday I feel better
    Even my old man looks good
    Wednesday just won’t go
    Thursday goes too slow
    I’ve got Friday on my mind”


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  2. Roxana
    July 30, 2015

    Nice song. 🙂


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