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Word up

I have this personal dilemma (yes, another one!): Do titles and positions make people really happier? I mean: Would you sleep better if you were titled ‘senior’ something instead of ‘junior’. Does it affect the quality of your sh… business in the morning?

And no. I am not speaking about the money and responsibilities that come with a certain position. I am just talking about the title, the name, the word/ words.

Did you ever meet someone who gets so pissed off when suggesting that a new boss might come? And this person is like: Nooo, impossible! I can’t have someone above me, I am SENIOR something! :)) Dude, who cares?! 😀

Just like in the song:

‘You try to put on those airs
And act real cool (you ain’t cool!)
But you’ve got to realize
That you’re acting like fools’


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