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I don’t consider my blog to be a place where I let out my frustrations or disappointments. However, there are some aspects I find interesting enough to be shared here. It is not about me being pissed of about these aspects, it’s that, in some perverse way, I find them fascinating.

Did you ever notice how people, who are not necessarily very smart, very quick, or have a flawless logic, get very good jobs? On the other hand, people who actually have some indisputable qualities get to do some miserable underpaid shit?

I am not old, I don’t have that much work experience (almost 4 years without counting my study years), but I saw these examples repeat themselves over and over again. Sadly.

I won’t even ask why… I know! It’s all about attitude, about how much you cherish yourself, self-confidence, nerve. It’s about how you sell yourself. Someone might be a worthless piece of shit (objectively unable to get a task done without screwing up), but has enough self-esteem and thinks he/she is actually good. This person will, with all probabilities, get a better job than someone who is the total opposite! It is amazing! Just take a look around!

Some examples:

Some big boss, company founder, travelling in private jet and helicopter guy, is getting pissed off because nobody answers the company (his company!) phone at 7:45 a.m. The program starts at 9 a.m.!

Some big hotel chain owner can’t figure out that over booking his rooms is actually a bad customer strategy! Also not very cost-effective!

But big bosses are not always the worst! Oh No!

There is always that colleague, who didn’t work a day in her/ his life, but already knows everything.

The new employee, who had a 7 hours interview and ended up getting the second best salary in the company and other cool benefits. He basically works just 4 days a week, but that doesn’t matter that much, does it?

And the list can go on! and on….and on….

On the opposite side you have that boss, who really works, really helps when needed, who doesn’t treat other like slaves…

You also have the employee who never says no, is always reachable on his personal phone (even if it’s 10pm, even if it’s Sunday morning). The one who never asks for anything, who never argues with someone, who is always there! A good man. I pity those people the most. I would like to take them by the hand and say that they deserve much more! That they should stand out for their rights!

But I can’t.

It is all about personal decision. No one can make something in your place! It’s all up to you.


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