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Happy birthday, Germany!

Today is a special day! We celebrate 25 years since the Unification of Germany.

In Frankfurt there will be a laser show and fireworks on the Main. Don’t miss it!

I tried to find something appropriate for this event, this is what I chose:

Have fun! 😉


6 comments on “Happy birthday, Germany!

  1. Why do you celebrate the birthday of a nation?


    • C.M.
      May 7, 2016

      Why not? 🙂 It is an important event, especially for those, who were directly affected by the division of Germany in DDR and BRD.


      • Of course the reunification brought a lot of benefits to a lot of people! I do not want to deny that. The problem I see is not about that. I find its problematic because the celebration of a nation is always an element of chauvinist patriotism and even nationalism. I think it is not possible to extract the good patriotism from the bad. Patriotism always leads to the alienation of the others. Patriotism can only exist if you differentiate between “us” and “them” That happened for example after the reunification in Germany. Rostock Lichtenhagen is only the peak of the pogroms and the hunting of foreigners in the 90. Also the asylum laws got nearly disposed. That was not only but also a consequence from the rise of the new established patriotism of a united Germany. That is why it is problem to celebrate a nation. If you want to celebrate the benefits the people got why not celebrating that without German flags? If you speak German you may be interested in that text:

        (I definitely do not agree with every point in that text but it may give you an example of the point I want to make)


      • C.M.
        May 8, 2016

        I understand your point (I think), but as you say, it is difficult to actually distinguish between those who celebrate this day for good reasons and those who manifest a ‘we are the best, fuck the rest’ patriotism. It is of course a very delicate and debatable subject. I guess my celebration wish went to all who were negatively affected by the division. Families who were taken apart, rights that some didn’t have, just because they used to live on the wrong site of the country. If this ‘Wiedervereinigung’ brought more bad than good, or the other way around… it depends on whom you ask. Of course, Germany is far from being perfect…


      • No Nation will ever be perfect. As long as you have the concept of a nation you will have nationalism. And as long as nationalism is existing as a narrative for explaining problems their is always a chance that you slide into fascism.


      • C.M.
        May 9, 2016

        An good topic to think about. Thank you for the link and the comments 😉


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