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I think there is an overload of information in our society. Of course, information is good, knowledge gives power (but depends to whom), I am happy to live in this century and not the Middle Age. BUT. Could it be too much? Or, when is it too much?

Our lives are basically controlled by technology. Most of us don’t even shit without taking the smart phone in the bathroom. Our brain is bombed with information 24 hours/day minus the hours we spend sleeping.

The separation between work and private life tends to disappear. For our parents it was easier. They finished word and that was it. In desperate and exceptional cases, they received some call from work on the fixed line… and answered if they were round. If not… tough luck!

Now we check our emails everywhere. A couple of years ago we still needed a computer to do this, now we just need a phone. It is not a bad thing! This is not what I’m trying to say. Our lives became more comfortable in many ways. I am however a bit worried that we’re overdoing it. For example: Is it really necessary to use apps that tell us how much exercise we should do/ day? That a cookie has more calories than an apple (Gee… thanks Captain Obvious). Must we always rely on our GPS, or we could just drive the old-fashioned way, planning ahead, reading the signs, paying more attention to the road and our instinct than the voice telling us to turn right or left (which sometimes can be wrong!) How about stopping and asking for directions. People don’t bite… yet.

Call me old school, but I think we are slowly losing balance between what the necessary/ useful stuff is and what fancy, look-how-rich-and-hitech-I-am gadgets are.


5 comments on “Alive

  1. mogromo
    October 20, 2015

    In this age of technology we are programmed to use are reflexes and forget the art of reflection. That is what I heard the philosopher Jaques Ellul say in a fascinating documentary called “it’s killing the clouds”.

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  2. a*m*
    October 9, 2015


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  3. Madeline Johnson
    October 8, 2015

    You bring up both sides of the argument in an intelligent and thoughtful way. I think we should all try to engage IRL to keep balances in check and keep our ability to think and behave socially with style and grace . I too am concerned about the future implications of this 24/7 technology obsession.

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    • C.M.
      October 8, 2015

      Thanks! Too much of everything is bad…hopefully people will start realising this.

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  4. bonjourberlin
    October 8, 2015

    :)) Smartphone in the bathroom. I think many are familiar with that:)) But I agree: we should just switch everything off once in a while and be free!

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