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The odds

What were the odds to be born in the country, city and at the exact time you were?

The odds that you have the parents you do. That you meet the exact people you’ve met and that you make the exact friends you did.

What were the chances that you live the exact experiences you did. Perhaps taking one train earlier on the 5th of September 1996 would have totally changed your life. But you didn’t…

We are the sum of our decisions and perspectives upon life. And I guess there is a little bit more to it…The coincidences in our lifes also guide us. Some say there are no coincidences, some speak about destiny, some about hazard. At the end it only matters what you think. And as long as it makes you happy, nothing else counts.

What were the odds that I take this picture and post it amost 2 years later on my blog? la tara

This is a place I love. The place where I spent most of my summers as a child. It’s the place where the grass is really green, the air really clean, the people are simple and water comes from a fountain in your yard. It’s the place where you can hear crickets all summer long and see the stars as if they were just kilometers away.

It doesn’t matter that this place is almost 2.000 km. away…I always carry it in my heart 🙂



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