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One of my favourite subjects… why? Because I usually link the term with mixed feelings. It’s a love and hate relationship. Perhaps more love, less hate…that’s the kind of person I am :p

We must work in order to pay stuff. And we pay stuff because we chose so. We want this. We don’t want to live on the streets or in a forest. We prefer the comfort of our homes. Warm water, high-speed internet, TV, all the gadgets which make our life easy and nice.

Jobs are good. I might have criticised this whole idea of working 8 or more hours per day (I still don’t think it’s that awesome), but I do consider it better than having no job at all.

It is all about perspective and circumstance. As everything else.

There are of course some shitty jobs out there… you see, I speak from an (West) european point of view. Some people work for a few dollars a day/ maybe week. Some people sell their organs/ bodies to make some cash. It is much better to be unemployed in Germany than employed in Vietnam (in most cases). Sadly this is the reality of our society.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: (Be happy with) Appreciate what you have! Most of us have it better than we think.



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