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Let’s dance

Initially I wanted to write here about life and death. But then I realised I wouldn’t be saying anything new, world-shaking.

We come and go. We are passengers and our lives are journeys. Sometimes I think that our culture/ society/ education teaches us more to concentrate on death (and fear it) than on what we do in life, on our experiences.

Death is not an easy subject. It’s something I also don’t like to think/ speak about. But it is part of life. And maybe is not that bad as we see it. It represents just change (a very big one).

Ok…you’re probably asking yourselves, where am I going with this post. Hmm, my point would be: try to live a beautiful life and have the courage to follow your dreams. Just like David Bowie did 🙂




One comment on “Let’s dance

  1. mopana
    January 11, 2016

    You’re right. RIP David Bowie

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