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Be like the lotus (ep. 2)

In our first lesson about the indian culture, the project coordinator asked us: what do we know about the lotus flower?

I answered: It grows on water.

Then he asked… yes, but what kind of water?

Me: Muddy water.

He: Dirty water. The lotus flower manages to filter this kind of filthy water and turns it into clean water. *

He added that indians advise travellers never to drink water from a lake/ pond where lotus flowers grow, but to cut the flower and try to drink its juice (of course in an extreme thirst situation, without other opportunity to get clean/ drinkable water).

Then he said something I really liked. His mother gave him this advise as a child: be like the lotus flower. Even if you will ever be surrounded by bad people or situations, try to always take the good of them out. Be friends with the good people, chose the good situations.

Be like the lotus! Definitely a slogan worth living by 🙂



* I didn’t actually check this information, but I totally like the philosophy related to it 🙂


One comment on “Be like the lotus (ep. 2)

  1. sloppy buddhist
    May 4, 2016

    beautiful nature….

    Liked by 1 person

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