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Expectations (ep. 5)

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve arrived in Goa. I still remember very accurately all the time before I left home, all the thoughts I had, all the fears, all the questions, all the preparations I’ve made. To be honest, I wasn’t sure  what to expect.

This happens when travelling to another continent. You are aware there will be differences, another culture, another climate, but… you don’t actually know (how you’ll feel) until you get there.

I realise now, how wrong some of my expectations were. Speaking with family and friends back home, I also noticed how little we know about foreign places and how quick we are to judge.

DSC_2710 copy

If you want to see differences, you will. If you want to see similarities, you will. It is all about the perspective you have/ want to have.

If you go to a place having preconceptions, your experience there will most probably serve you examples to prove you right (other said: you will interpret everything just from a certain point of view). If you try to keep an opened mind, you might be amazed!

Goa amazed me many times. I feel surprised how quick I got accommodated here, how familiar somethings seem. Sitting in the garden last night, I recognised the same feeling I had when spending the summer at my grandparents’ house at the countryside. Same smell, the sound of crickets, the heat.

If I would have closed my eyes I couldn’t have told, if I am in India or in the garden of my grandparents (although these places are situated more than 5.000 km away from each other). Makes you wonder if time and space aren’t really just an illusion.




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