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A beautiful mess

I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to visit Mumbai. Better said, I was somehow aware that reality will beat my expectations.

After a one hour flight, there I was, in the capital of Maharashtra. I knew it was big, messy, poor and rich, but the overall sensation was overwhelming.

First of all you are amazed by the super modern and big international airport. Very clean, very nice, with a beautiful design. It tops a lot of European airports I’ve seen. Secondly, you quickly realise that the airport is basically surrounded by a huge slum. The frontier between rich and poor doesn’t exist. Next to tall fancy buildings you find very poor improvised houses. On one road it might smell like perfume, but if you wander a few blocks ahead you might feel the need to vomit. It is that extreme!

The first day was a weird one. I would like to find a better adjective to describe it, but I can’t. It felt like being taken from a warm cozy place and threw away in total chaos. I regretted coming to Mumbai. Maybe also because our hotel was situated in the heart of some market, next to a railway station. A room with a few, so to say…


(The view from our room)


(This is the street, where the hotel is)


(The market)

We hat a first though encounter with the crazy side of Mumbai. The second day we visited some nice, ‘normal’ looking places and slowly started to see that Mumbai is a bit of everything. A fascinating mixture. I read in a travel guide: ‘Mumbai is a beautiful mess.’ A strange description if you ask me, but after seeing the city, a true one none the less.


(The Taj Mahal Palace)


(The Victoria Terminus – Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus)

After 2 nights Mumbai seemed almost familiar. Sure I still thought that crossing the street is one of the most difficult things ever (:P), but it didn’t scare me (as much) :))

All in all is was worth it! Also made me realise how touristic Goa is in comparison. If you ever happen to be in the area and have some time, you should definitely visit Mumbai.

In case you are wondering, the ticket from Goa to Mumbai costed around 65 EUR (both ways) and 2 nights at the hotel were around 55 EUR for 2 people. This is the hotel.

Fun fact: A lot of people came up to us and asked to take a photo/ selfie. Even more just took photos and videos without asking.



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