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Sea structures


Coming back from work I don’t feel tired. I feel drained. Drained of energy, motivation and joy… I keep asking myself how people can be happy sitting within 4 walls more than 8 hours per day. And if there is a better way to do business. Work is not the problem. It gives you a sense of purpose, something to do, without it… you might get bored (especially if you’re not rich :p). What bothers me beyond logic is being bound to your computer, your desk, 5 days per week. Why in the hell is home office not a widely accepted option. Why do we still need to work 8 hours/day instead of 4-6. Where the fuck is the technological progress? Really now!…


Meanwhile… the sea keeps coming up in my mind. Like a sort of happy place where I seek shelter. The sound of waves crashing onto the beach is one of the most beautiful I know. See you soon, dear sea. I hope.



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