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One good thing about holidays is that your eyes are more alert and sensible to the beauty around you.

Beauty is basically every where to see. We just ignore it most of the time. Let’s take for example the way to work/ school. It’s (more or less) the same road you take 5 days per week. It’s routine and, as routine usually does, it deprives us of our vigilance, of our observation capacities. We might walk past beautiful/ interesting/ extraordinary things, but we would probably just ignore them.


When we’re on holiday, we are far more alert. When visiting some new place almost everything there will draw our attention.


Perhaps this is why  most of us end up with some hundert photos after every city break!


So, even if you are just heading to work, open your eyes and enjoy the scenery! Look at the sky, at the trees, at people… Get inspired 🙂

(e.g. the beautiful sunset in #Frankfurt this evening)


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