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Catharsis (in Mumbai)

We are just tiny pieces of the puzzle. Just drops in the ocean. Yet sometimes we believe that the whole universe evolves around us.

One of the coordinators in India hat a T-shirt with the motto: No ego, no problems.

You might say I’m crazy or dumb, but every time I remember that T-shirt I smile and realise how true the message is. I mean…it’s a bit funny, how inspiration can be found even on a T-shirt 🙂

I try to remember this motto and live by it, but I don’t always succeed…

We tend to judge the actions of people around us, based on us/ our thoughts. As we were the middle point of their existence. If someone is rude with us, or gives us some bad looks, we think it has something to do with us! We rarely take into consideration, that other people also have frustrations, anger, problems. We take things personally and get upset. We mustn’t.

Don’t forget: No ego, no problems!

Nobody is out there to get you! No one wants to make you suffer! No one gives a shit! We are all just trying to make the best of what we have and find happiness (at least this is what I think we should do).

Now let’s enjoy some photos from Mumbai. This wonderful crazy and fascinating city with around 12 million people.

Open Frankfurt - Mumbai, India, Volunteering

Open Frankfurt - Mumbai, India, Volunteering

Open Frankfurt - Mumbai, India, Volunteering

Open Frankfurt - Mumbai, India, Volunteering

(I love how these people walk hand in hand, so peaceful and harmonic in a pretty busy and loud market. They just seem so calm).


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