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About OF

Dear friends, followers, readers, people who by chance landed on this page,

First of all: Welcome! 🙂

Secondly, I would like to make it clear: This is not just a blog about Frankfurt. Not only!

Open Frankfurt is where I’ll share my point of view regarding various themes. From street art, to music; from letting out frustration about the job/ lack of it, to expressing gratitude for the beautiful things in life (which are mostly not things :P). I might also write about: life, volunteering, travelling, basically any subject I find worth speaking about.

Open Frankfurt (OF) is also a wordplay. In  case you didn’t know this, one of the cities near Frankfurt is Offenbach. The abbreviation on licence plates is OF. Offenbach is well known in Germany for the impressive number of foreigners which live there. It is a city, which would perfectly be described by one word: DIVERSITY! But then again… so is Frankfurt.

About me? I am still not sure, if this information is important. I am a citizen of the world. Somewhat idealistic, but some of the time equally materialistic :))

OK: I am a female, in the end of my 20s, born in an ex-communistic European country. I live in Germany since 5 years.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Have a nice time on my blog!… and in general 😉




One comment on “About OF

  1. Oh Offenbach! I know that! what a cool place 🙂 yes I know what you mean by diversity 🙂

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