Stop time

That moment when you just want to stop time and gaze into the sunset… That moment when you finally get your mind to shut up and don’t think about the past or the future… That moment when you are truly grateful for the present… That moment when you realise that we run like crazy for […]

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Probably the only Chinatown in the world without any Chinese in it :))) (Havana – Cuba) And the song of the day 😀

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Cuban sea structures

One of my work colleagues just returned from her holiday in Cuba. While she was showing me some photos and telling me how it was (absolutely amazing!!!), I couldn’t help but notice how much I miss this land 🙂 Our trip there seems like it happened ages ago, even though just 3 months passed since […]

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Driving in style

I miss Cuba… I miss the clear sky, the friendly people, the breakfast we had in Havana… I miss seeing children playing in the streets… I miss hearing music at almost every street corner… I miss seeing ladies dance in the evening… I miss Cuba because it somehow reminded me of my childhood… and I […]

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Beautiful places

Dear all, It’s been quite a long since my last post. I’m still here :p During this time I made, of course, lots of photos. Hopefully I will find more time in the next weeks to share some amazing sceneries with you. Cuba has been one of the countries I’ve visited and it has been absolutely […]

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