Peace of mind

This is the village where I used to spend most of my holidays. At least 2 months each summer (in case you’re wondering, we had 3 months summer vacation). Back then (in the 90’s) children used to play outside al day long, even if sometimes the temperature was over 35 degrees. When it got to […]

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I think there is an overload of information in our society. Of course, information is good, knowledge gives power (but depends to whom), I am happy to live in this century and not the Middle Age. BUT. Could it be too much? Or, when is it too much? Our lives are basically controlled by technology. Most of […]

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Gangster’s paradise

Remember this one? When listening to the lyrics I can’t help but realise how many people actually ‘live’ in the gangster’s paradise… And how many could get out of it, by just receiving a little help and understanding. But who’s there to give? We are far too concentrated on our own lives. The rest… details. […]

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Beastie Fan ;)

Because somebody (you know who you are! :p) keeps complaining that I didn’t post Beastie Boys until now, I thought I just do it, to get it over with :)) Just kidding! (partially :p) Fact is, I also enjoy listening to this band. Their style is one of a kind and very appropriate for driving! […]

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Perfection is overrated

We are constantly put under the pressure of perfection. But we are far from it and this is normal. People are not perfect. Ok, I am sure I’m not telling you something you didn’t hear or consider before. However we often forget this and get stressed: because we don’t have a perfect ass, because we must […]

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Because we fight, we try, we want, we love, we fall, we get back up, we cry, we laugh, we lose hope, we find hope, we are needy little creatures always unsatisfied, but then again find some moments we truly cherish… because this is life.

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No limit

Posting a song every day is not that easy as it may seem. Not for me at least :)) Having said that I will do this, I try to keep my word. I don’t see this as an obligation or chore,  but an imagination exercise. I have to search through my brain ‘drawers’ and this is the […]

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Have some freedom!

Because today is George Michael’s birthday (bet most of you didn’t know that!) I decided to share ‘Freedom’ with you. So…here you go, have some freedom. I think we all need some of it every now and again. Do you feel free? Or better said: How free do you feel?

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German summer

Summer in Germany is an interesting topic. It depends of course from where you come. For me…well, let’s say that it doesn’t meet my expectations most of the time. Although we hat some pretty hot days here in Hessen, it seems like the German summer is back! Maximum 20 degrees, rain and wind. Perfect for:.. […]

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¡No pasarán! (They shall not pass!)

Taking into consideration that today is a “special” day in Frankfurt, I thought about sharing 2 songs with you. Same theme: anti-fascism, 2 different bands: Die Toten Hosen and Die Ärzte.  For those of you who don’t live in Germany or didn’t hear about this: The nazis are trying to demonstrate in Frankfurt and the anti-nazis are […]

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Childhood memories

I clearly have a passion for art in a ‘non official’ meaning. I could go to a museum, spend some hours admiring some famous paintings, even go to an art gallery and try to understand some of the concepts and ideas of some modern artist. However I could never understand why someone would consider art […]

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